PRivate Training

With flexible scheduling, you will work 1-on-1 with a passionate, professional, certified coach, committed to seeing you progress towards your goals and assist you with making long-lasting lifestyle changes.  With ongoing assessments we ensure we create workouts to achieve ongoing results.   

Your coach will design a training program personalized to your abilities whether your brand new to being in a gym or a seasoned athlete!  You will be guided through the exercises and be given in session feedback to ensure movement quality, and educate you on the purpose and application of our exercises as we level up your fitness! 

Partner Training

Training with a friend is not only a lot of fun but will instantly add another layer of accountability as you both can motivate and challenge each other in your training sessions and ensure you are keeping your appointments and crushing your workouts together.  

Having a partner also makes having your own coach much more cost effective as you are sharing the cost for your sessions! Your coach will still customize sessions around you and your training partners goals, and abilities. Your coach can make proper exercise selection and progress each person through the workouts towards your goals safely and efficiently. 

Let go of who you were and start creating who you are going to be! 

Redefine yourself, #GORENEGADE