I didn’t grow up an athlete or even active like most trainers did. After spending a childhood on a computer and playing saxophone I didn’t discover the gym until I was 18 years old and my father suffered a heart attack. It was that event that changed my entire life and it was then that I began to re evaluate how I wanted to treat my body and mind. Slowly over the years I began to make small changes that propelled me into a completely different lifestyle. My goal as a trainer is to teach people that they are capable of living a healthy, happy & balanced lifestyle. The gym and eating healthy should never be something you should dread but a tool you use to better yourself mentally, psychically & emotionally. 

If you weren't a trainer what would you be? Because no matter what I would choose any kind of career where I am able to create a fun and unique experience for people and where I get the ability to impact peoples lives.

Favourite Exercise? Deadlift 

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