Small Group Bootcamps

The most affordable way to train directly with your own coach with the flexibility of having access to a class calendar, so you can work out with like-minded people on your schedule, at a fraction of the cost!

Here at Team RTC, we’re big on supporting and motivating each other through quality coached workouts to achieve real results! Every session is a small group with a professional trainer ensuring good form, as well as educate and motivate the group through each and every workout!

With a focus on compound foundational movements, metabolic circuits, and functional training tools, our camps delivery superior results to the typical cardio group class. The workouts are designed to be challenging, effective, and fun with several unique training tools such as Kettlebells, sleds, and ropes added in to keep our sessions fresh.

You will get amazing results and have fun doing it!

You will speed up your fat loss, and increase lean tissue

You will get stronger and leaner!

You will improve your heart, lungs, and endurance.

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