8-Week #GoRenegade Challenge

We are looking for men and woman over 30 who want to #GoRenegade with us, transform their lives during our special 8- Week Challenge. How with this Challenge transform your body? Great question! Here at Team RTC, we believe that by working directly with a trainer to coach lifestyle changes and implement a functional strength training program you body can rapidly transform. Training with customized content, proven to be the most effective method of becoming healthier, stronger and leaner! 


  • 16 Personal Training Sessions

  • Access To RTC Weekend Bootcamp Sessions

  • Free Registration To RTC’s Nutrition Fundamentals Workshop & Workout - A $30 Value (FEB 2, 2018. @ 12pm)

  • Nutri-Go Meal Prep Discount Code

In Just 8 Weeks You Will:

  • Discover simple lifestyle shifts to enhance your results and health immediately!

  • Increase your strength, endurance, and mobility.

  • Boost your metabolism and ability to burn body fat.

  • Learn proper warm up techniques to help increase mobility and prevent injuries.

  • Learn correct form on the foundational exercise movements.

  • Gain confidence in your body and your abilities in and outside of the gym.

  • Become part of an empowering community; Team Renegade.

Pre-register Now and get matched with a trainer before the Feb 2 Kick off date!

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