Redefine yourself, And #GoRenegade Today!  

A healthier, fitter version of yourself starts with you.  There is no gimmick, there is no shortcut, there is no magic pill, Everyone’s fitness journey will be unique, but a healthy lifestyle takes commitment, patience, and motivation.

We are here to support and guide you through that process of integrating the most effective method of becoming a healthier, leaner, and stronger version of yourself with science-backed Functional Strength Training. 

Come see for yourself why our facility and coaches are world class. Your 2 Free sessions include:

Day 1 Strategy session:  

·     Discuss with a coach your health history, primary goals, and how our training can be implemented into your life along with small shifts to begin transforming your health today.

·     Functional movement screen to assess your foundational movement patterns, reveal strengths, and or any imbalances or compensations to determine proper exercise selection and any need for corrective / activation drills in your individualized program. 

Day 2 Personalized Workout: 

·     Based on your first visit you will have your trainer introduce you to our multi-phase dynamic warm-up which can including specific drills to immediately begin to aid in any compensations found in your movement screen. 

·     Once your body is primed your coach will guide you through a sample of the selected functional exercises that would be employed along many others in your personalized program. 

·     At the end of the workout, you will discuss our training packages and the coaches recommendation for implementation into your life to achieve realistic goals and the lifestyle changes necessary to enjoy life while becoming the healthiest, fittest version of yourself. 

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