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Renegade Training Company was founded by a trainer for trainers.  We've navigated the rocky roads most personal trainers travel in both club, studio, and private atmospheres. Renegade's vision was born through personal experience, tailored to solve the frustrations and limitations facing trainers in the industry today. 

The mission here at Renegade Training Company, is to assist in enhancing independent personal training careers by being an affordable state of the art facility, with exclusive access for certified personal trainers. We want to be a community of Trainers who wish to break the mold and build their business on their own terms. 


When you activate an account at Renegade Training Company, as a credentialed fitness pro, you will gain access to a private consult room that is fitted with body fat measuring equipment. Plus, you will have access to a private trainer break room to work on client programs or to just take a breather in between client sessions.

We're located centrally at the Deerfoot & Peigan interchange, RTC is Calgary's largest private appointment facility offering the amenities of a fitness club without all the drawbacks.

Your success is our success. Contact us below to find out more. #GoRenegade

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