Renegade Training

Why RTC?

Why #GoRenegade with a professional trainer?

Here at Renegade Training Company, we won’t sell you monthly memberships or let you spin your wheels trying to take on your fitness journey alone.  We'll match you up with the perfect trainer with the specialties and availability to suit your needs and schedule.  

What makes our team of trainers even more unique is that they aren't employees just hanging around waiting to collect a pay-check. Each trainer at Renegade Training Company works for themselves, running their own independent business. Which means they've chosen personal training as their craft, so they can share their passion and knowledge for fitness, and are dedicated to helping people like you see true change their lives.

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Renegade Trainers offer: 

  • Flexible scheduling while holding you accountable and motivated through your workouts to achieve goals faster.
  • Safe, efficient, and engaging workouts that are customized to your specific body and goals. 
  • A private state of the art facility, with no memberships, or public access. Only trainers and clients of trainers are allowed on site, ensuring a welcoming judgment-free environment. 
  • Our 6,500 sq ft facility stacked with a broad spectrum of industry leading equipment. With a full lane of open turf, functional equipment, and standard strength based weights, racks and machines. Our trainers can program every changing dynamic workouts.  
  • Using measurable markers, your trainer will track your progress to ensure you break through plateaus and set new goals.   

Redefine yourself. Your success is our success. #GoRenegade today!