Slim down for summer 6 Week Challenge! 
We are 90% sold out so register today to claim your spot!  

All fitness levels are welcome during our challenge!  You will be coached on proper form for all the exercises from our certified coaches, ensuring movement quality and injury prevention every session!

What our challenge will do for you!

o  Burn stubborn fat, by igniting your metabolism and get you lean and toned.

o  Increase your full body strength, eliminate nagging pains, and build a resilient body and mind!

o  Decrease you daily stress, boost your energy and optimize your sleep!

o  Create new healthy lifestyle habits leading to lasting results!

For $399 you get 6 weeks of Training and Nutrition to kickstart your transformation and SLIM down for SUMMER!

We cover three main pillars:  Training | Nutrition | Accountability


You have access to a class calendar and can attend 2 – 3 Small group workouts at Renegade training company with fellow challengers and a certified trainer to coach and motivate you through every workout.


Nutritional Guidance on flexible dieting, learn what Macros are and how to track them simplifying your nutrition to achieve results. As well as an optional discount with Nutri-go.  Nutri go makes any number of fresh, clean meals delivered to your door or Renegade weekly.  


Given access to our private Facebooks group for our clients to keep each other motivated, check in weekly with the team, and to have instant access to ask training and nutrition questions directly to TEAM RTC! 


Our top three challenger transformations will win prize packages including a $500 cash prize!